Why The Obama Administration is Perfect for The Muslim Brotherhood?

As a former radical Muslim who once had aspirations to fight as a jihadist against the enemies of Allah, I find it disheartening when I hear or read about the many venues of support that the Obama Administration has made in the past or is making available to the Muslim Brotherhood. A radical Islamic group that aims for world domination, Islamic Caliphate resurrection, Sharia law implementation, Jihad implementation, and destruction of the enemies of Allah; which include America.

Since 2008, it has become apparent that the Muslim Brotherhood is being dealt with in a special way with so many amenities and privileges being granted to them. Such privileges include access to or even employment at many sensitive government positions dealing with national security.

Many other external signs support this new disturbing trend, such as an access to the Egyptian presidency when the Obama Administration pulled the plug on Mubarak, a long time regional ally. In addition, they are promised a1.3 Billion dollars in annual support to the Egyptian government, in addition to a recent 1.5 billion special aid.

Just recently, they were empowered by the Administration who hinted to them its sign of approval for the removal of the Defense Minister, Army general Tantawi, by president Morsi and replacing him with another general who is more sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood. A very troubling move, which could result in a negative regional impact in the long run, especially on the relationship with Israel.

However, probably the most significant support the Muslim Brotherhood would hope for is an administration that will not be a traditional pro-Israel and will be willing to look the other way should an infraction takes place between Egypt and Israel, especially in the Sinai desert! An administration that will tolerate an anti- Israel government and sentiment in Egypt!

In other words, the Muslim Brotherhood has made headways in the last few years that had surpassed their entire 82 years history since their inception. For all of these reasons and more to come, an Obama Administration is the ideal one for a radical group as the Muslim Brotherhood. Anything else would be a dilemma for the brothers!

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