The New Democracy in Egypt: Minority Rule

Almost twenty months ago the world celebrated with the Egyptian people the removal of a longtime dictator; Mubarak, as a victory for the new Arab Spring democracy.

Almost a year later, things turned sour, and the new hope for democracy turned into despair as a result of the apparent control of the Muslim Brotherhoods and Salafis on the direction of the election to choose the new president. By June of this year it was very clear that the Muslim Brotherhoods are in control of power as the newly elected president of Egypt, Muhammad Morsi, emerged from the ranks of this Islamic group known for its hardliner religious approach, affinity for sharia law, and support for terrorism.

Many, including myself, warned of hostile take-over by the Islamists in which the democratic process will be hijacked by the Islamist groups and a different direction will be taken to enforce their agenda, regardless of how the majority people of Egypt felt.

This month, President Morsi fulfilled this expected prophecy by giving himself an almost absolute power to rule the battered nation of Egypt, hence assuming a similar dictatorship form as his predecessor Mubarak and as a result, taking Egypt and the new democratic process centuries backward. After all, Morsi’s decision is based on religious grounds which states that the Islamic ruler of a state is above the law.

It is without a doubt a very troubling development that will add insult to injuries. The Egyptian people have been imprisoned by a civic dictatorship for many years, however, at that time they had a voice to were able to express their thoughts openly. Today, under an Islamic regime, they dare not express any thoughts or opinions against such regime out of fear of reprisal by the so called Islamic government which uses its Quran and the teachings of its prophet as the ultimate guide.

It may have appeared difficult for some time to topple a regime as Mubarak’s, yet it was doable. However, as a former radical Islamist myself, I can predict that it will take an act of god to remove the current Islamic regime that is on its way to turn this precious country; Egypt, into a pool of blood. That is the blood of its innocent people. In other words, the very very minority will be ruling the majority at any cost. This is the new Islamic democracy.

In light of all of this madness, one can only ask: How is Morsi working for you today?

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