The Muslim Brotherhood – A Global Threat, a Regional Dilemma

The Muslim Brotherhood not that long ago was an obscure name to the global community until just recently with the unfolding events in Egypt during the Arab Spring revolution.

Many are not aware of the existence of this organization which has lasted for over 82 years. Initially, rising as a religious reformation movement, then advancing as a political organization, and finally culminating into a ruling party in Egypt for the first time in its history.

However, all that aside, one must ask: what’s so significant about the brotherhoods? No doubt, it’s a fair question that demands an answer.

For once, the very reason that led to the Muslim Brotherhood inception should be of concern to the global community. After all, their motive was to reform Islam back to its original roots which include Jihad, Sharia, and global domination, and the establishment of Caliphate, among other things.

In order for this lofty goal to be accomplished, a very structured and organized movement must be established and put in place. One whose reach can be global, and not confined only to local or regional boundaries. A movement that will be fueled by wealth, passion, religious allegiance, and loyalty.

And as a result, a global outreach was indeed what the brotherhoods had done by forming alliance with the Nazis against the Jews, and the allies for that matter, organizing political parties in almost every Islamic nation, and inciting riots and rebellious against local governments. Such efforts had helped the Muslim Brotherhood to position themselves strategically and build for a future take-over.

In addition to their regional aspiration, the brotherhood’s focus shifted to establishing their presence in Europe and the US by starting many undercover organizations that which give the appearance of benign religious or social establishments, yet behind the scene aims to infiltrate at the national security and political levels of those nations, for the lofty purpose of global domination.

Recently, and since the start of the Arab Spring in early 2011, all signs lead to the Brotherhoods involvement, one way or another, in either starting riots, or enticing others; as the case in Egypt, or even awaiting to prey on the outcome of another; as in Syria. Proving yet again that they are a formidable foe to the stability of the region and the globe.

Today, their enthronement at the helm of the Egyptian presidency will without a doubt strengthen their position and may even foster a favorable environment for them to expedite their ultimate goals for domination. Some of the possible scenarios by which such goal can be accomplished can include:

1. Establish a Muslim Brotherhood mini Caliphate through Egypt, Sinai, Gaza strip, and soon Syria.
2. Entice a religious reformation in countries as Jordan and Northern Sudan. In doing so, their mini Caliphate can be expanded.
3.  Form a regional alliance with Iran against Israel by facilitating an Iranian military presence against Israel’s southern borders, in Sinai, and Northeastern borders, in Syria. Not to mention the priceless access through the Swiss Canal, which can add another threat to the Western borders of Israel.
4. Form a global partnership with Russia and China, which can serve as leverage against the US and its regional allies. Not to mention that such partnership can open doors for the Brotherhoods in South America as well.
5. Support Al-Qaeda organization by allowing them access to Sinai and strengthening their position in the region, especially after they have suffered the loss of many of its top commanders. Such alliance can temporarily allow the Brotherhoods an access to another organized global terrorist group in addition to the regional Hamas.
6. Continue their political lobbying and infiltration inside the US to further strengthen their military and financial positions by taking advantage of their growing favorable position and the support facilitated by the Administration.

Any one of the above scenarios should sound the alarm bell immediately to the global community as it is a frightening thought to see this happening. However, if history can serve as a proof, one should be frightened indeed. For since it took the Muslim Brotherhoods only 82 years to become a house hold name in the region, it should not take them nearly that long to become a global brand, and power for that matter. After all, the last time an Islamic Caliphate was in power was almost 86 years ago. Making a revival effort to bringing it back seems a few steps away, especially when we know that for the Brotherhoods, it does not matter who can lead the Caliphate (i.e. an Egyptian, Syrian, or even Indonesian), as long as the dream of a Caliphate can get accomplished soon.

This indeed should be a real global dilemma for those “who have an ear to hear”.

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