The Israeli – Hamas Cease fire: winners & losers

Since last week the world has been celebrating a brokered cease fire deal between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The cease fire was the result of what appeared to be an imminent ground assault by the Israeli troops against the militant Islamic group Hamas.

The fighting which began few weeks earlier was the result of the constant missile firing by the militant group from the Gaza Strip against Israel. For years Hamas has been firing thousands if missiles onto Israel in an effort to instigate a fight. Supported by Iran, Hamas missile arsenal included long range missiles capable of reaching prominent cities as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Such non-stop assault was the reason for the Israeli retaliation against the terrorist group. However, one must ask: who are the winners and losers put of this deal.

The Winners:

Hamas – Without a doubt, Hamas came out of this victorious simply for forcing sovereign nations as The US, Egypt, and Israel to negotiate with them. Such notion gives Hamas the legitimacy they are seeking.

Iran – who emerges as yet another victorious party in this deal as well. Even though there were no direct negotiations with them, they were behind these attacks on Israel by way of providing missiles, smuggling them, and financing them. At the end of the day, the door remains open for them to continue their support of Hamas against Israel in the years to come.  The fact that Hamas remained intact pit of this conflict proves that the Iranian strategy is working.

Egypt’s Brotherhoods - Then there is the Egyptian ruling party the Muslim Brotherhood. In negotiating directly with Hamas on behalf of Israel and the US, the Muslim Brotherhood regime publicly acknowledges its close ties with the terrorist militants, Hamas. The cease fire pact is a real victory for the Muslim Brotherhoods whose desire for establishing an Islamic caliphate in the region is getting closer to becoming a reality by the day.

The Losers:

Israel - being forced to negotiate with a terrorist group whose motto is “we love death as much as the Jews love life” can be perceived by the terrorists as a sign of weakness, fear, or loss of alliance with the US who historically has been Israel’s number one ally.

The US – in orchestrating these negotiations between Israel and Hamas, the terrorists will view this position by the US as an acknowledgement by the US that Hamas is a legitimate group, that Israel will not receive the usual US backing, and that the US is a friend with the Muslim Brotherhoods.

The World Community – Even though, the whole world rejoice for saving the lives of innocent civilians on both sides, the direct results of all of these negotiations and the cease fire pact can only lead the terrorists to believe that they are superior and has the upper hand in the matter. Such troubling notion will result in furthering the terrorists’ agenda and will not guarantee any peace between them and the world community.

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