The Iran & Muslim Brotherhoods Brief – A future Middle Eastern alliance

On Feb. 7th, 2013, the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran; Ahmadinejad, announced during a press conference in Cairo during his recent visit to attend an Islamic summit, that Iran is looking forward to reigniting and strengthening its past ties with now “The Islamic Republic of Egypt”.

This announcement supports our previous prediction of such a move between the Islamic regime in Iran and the newly formed Islamic regime in Egypt under the command of the Muslim Brotherhoods (see our blog post:The Muslim Brotherhood – A Regionall Threat, A Global Dilemma)l. It also serves to support our concerns that a closer tie between both regimes can only mean one thing: A future religious trouble for the embattled region, and specifically to our closest ally; Saudi Arabia.

Historically Iran, which represents the Shiite branch of Islam, is one of Saudi’s arch religious enemies due to their religious differences, and due to Iran’s constant interference and meddling with the interior affairs of the Oil rich monarch, where many Shiite minorities in the eastern region of Saudi have religious allegiances to the clerics of Iran.

If closer ties are developed and strengthened between Egypt and Iran, such closeness will enable Iran for the first time in a very long time to re-enter the Middle Eastern region from the North African side, hence allowing it to strengthen its grip and providing it with even an easier access to crucial parts (such as; the Gaza strip and Lebanon). This can also mean that Iran could cause even a bigger threat to Israel from both the south and the west, not to mention increasing its ability to support Hezbollah and Syria from the seashore side.

No matter what the motive is behind this troubling future alliance, one can be sure that “nothing good” will come out of it, at least nothing that would improve the politics of the region. It also serves as a confirmation of our suspicion that Iran is desperate for greater access and influence in the region to achieve its dream of regional domination as the emerging new power, especially with its continued efforts to build its nuclear arsenal, something that the brilliant Egyptian engineering mind can help them achieve quicker.

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