The Egyptian Election – Who’s The Winner?

Since the start of the Egyptian revolution in January 2012, which resulted in the ousting of the Mubarak regime, and all eyes and ears are on the hope of establishing a new government to be elected by the Egyptian people for the first time in their history since the fall of its Monarchy over sixty years ago.

This revolution resulted in the establishment of new parliament elected by the people, followed by a new presidential election process. Both resulted in the overpowering of the Islamists who dominated almost 70% of the parliament, and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood as one of the candidates for the office of the presidency.

Just as hope for new democratic era began to rise, shocking events took place to put a dent on the process. The first round of the presidential election resulted in two top candidates; a Muslim Brotherhood member and a former Mubarak official. Both are a serious setback for a revolution that hoped for democracy. This event was followed by another blow during the second round with the Muslim brotherhood candidate taking the lead to become the next president of Egypt.

However, and before the second round concluded, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) conducted a soft legal coup in which it revised certain parts of the constitution by giving itself more power and limiting the power of the new president.

Without a doubt, these results represent a huge setback for the people of Egypt whose hope was to establish a new era of democracy, that which will offer them freedom and respect their rights and choices. Unfortunately, the opposite was true. With SCAF at the helm and the Muslim Brotherhood one step closer to gaining power, even if limited, the Egyptian people have suffered a double loss. On the one hand, the power of the military rulers is increased beyond its previous limits during the Mubarak regime, and in on the other hand,  the Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, for the first time in their history are in a political position that will allow them to enforce elements of Sharia Law which without a doubt will reduce any hope for freedom and democracy for the people, and increase the limits of restriction and radicalization.

In light of all of these developmenets, the question which demands itself is: Who is the winner in all of this? Certainly NOT THE PEOPLE.


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