The Dilemma of Radical Islam – To MB (Muslim Brotherhood) or To Salafi, That is The Real Egyptian Question

Since the collapse of Hosni Mubarak’s regime in the Spring of 2011, the talk never seized on who can take over as the next president of Egypt. Most importantly, who is able to bring about freedom and democracy to a nation that suffered from the lack of such humane attribute and ights for decades?

At first, it was apparent that the collapse of the former regime was a direct result of its corruption, dictatorship, and denial of simple human rights and freedom to its people. With the hope rising for the implementation of such rights, suddenly, the picture becomes darkened by the possibility of power take-over by one of two arch rivals; The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) or the Salafi groups, both of whom have no any regard to democracy or freedom according to their theocratic religious and believe system. What seemed to be the beginning of hope starting to emerge as the end of it!

However, under a democratic election and political system, why should anyone be concern about who might win office or become the next president for Egypt? Although such question is valid and can be expected, a better understanding of the political agenda of both parties must be explored.

Whether it is the Muslim Brotherhood or the Salafis, both parties adhere to certain truths which they aim towards implementing once they gain power. Such truths include the implementation of Islamic Sharia Law as the ONLY legal system approved for mankind according to Islamic belief. Should Sharia Law become the law of the land, one should expect subjects to lose any rights to express their freedom of faith and expression. Copts and other Christians will soon become oppressed and lose any rights to even remodel a bathroom, nevertheless, to worship freely. Converts from Islam will be labeled as apostates and can face the death penalty if they refuse to recant their new faith. Islamic court system will shrink into a system of a Judge who rules by the Book (i.e. the Qur’an) without much room for due process. And most importantly, all political decisions must be aligned with the religious law for compatibility, a law that is short of being archaic and lacks any room for flexibility, at least when it comes to the Salafis.

Furthermore, both parties will revoke any agreement with Israel on the grounds of it being an enemy of Islam, may form an alliance with Iran, and can cause the West much unneeded trouble at all political, financial, security, and military levels. Not to mention that their land can soon become a breeding ground for Islamic Militants, just as was the case in Iran and Afghanistan.

Whether the Muslim Brotherhood or the Salafis gain power is not the right question to ask, rather, WHY LET ANY OF THEM AT ALL control power? And that’s the real dilemma.


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