The Dilemma of Radical Islam in Light of the Arab Spring

Ever since the Spring of 2011and the Middle East has been experiencing an up rise like never before, a movement that earned itself the nick name “Arab Spring”.

The results of this unique and unprecedented movement were the toppling of four different regimes which shared a common theme; long-term dictatorship governing modules where people got fed up and caused an up rise.

On the outset the world was rejoicing for the freedom sought by the Arab people and for their bravery. However, it did not take so long for everyone to realize that the vacuum caused by this hopeful movement was soon filled by another extreme; The Radical Muslim groups. Whether it is The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, or Al Qaeda AP in Yemen, or other Radical Islamic forms in Libya and Tunisia, the outcome was very clear, Radical Islam is the new face of these empty, and in some cases, strategic pockets.

As a result, one can only wonder if the once called Arab Spring has just turned into an Arab Fall so quickly.

In the name of democracy, Western societies may not realize the devastation of such development immediately, however, ask any Arab who was seeking and longing for such democracy, and his/her somber response should be sobering to say the least.

Why? One might ask. The answer can be summed up in two words: Sharia Law.

Islamic regimes and Islamic law go hand in hand. You can’t have the one without the other. This means, no democracy whatsoever. For to have an Islamic law, is to forfeit one’s freedom at many levels; whether freedom of choice, religion, speech, or expression, none can be compatible with “Democracy” at least as the rest of the world know it.

With punishments such as beheadings, cutting off hands, stoning, and public flogging, one can only wonder if the nightmare of these Arab nations is over, or has it just begun! Only time will tell. For now, the Arab saga continues, and with it the Dilemma of Radical Islam.

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