The Dilemma of Honor Killing in Islam – Honoring the family name by dishonoring their women

Islam prides itself with the fact that one of its hallmarks is bringing honor to women by way of protecting her beauty via the wear of Hijab, providing for her needs through marriage, and respecting her freedom by sheltering her from the outside world. This may be acceptable to some Muslim women, but certainly not to many, at least to those who have been born in Western societies or immigrated to the West since they had experienced a vast difference between how they are treated in Islamic society compared to the Western ones.

Many times Muslims propagate negative facts against Western societies for the sole purpose of presenting Islam and its Sharia-bound community as the alternative. Western women often times are used as one of the main objects of such propagation with accusations of too much freedom to calling them sluts and whores, by many religious leaders, for simply living life within the boundaries of their rights and freedom.

To Islam women are not meant to be in public, or to have freedom of choice, nor reedom of expression, nor any type of rights that can cause her guardian to lose his control over her [yes, the use of the masculine is intentional]. After all, how can Islam accept the notion that women can behave in an equal manner as men by way of ressing, or orking, or driving, or traveling, or having any sort of authority or autonomy? The Quran claims that women are the source of evil (i.e. Q. 12:28), they are like a sexual field for men to tilt and plant seeds (Q. 2:223), touching them by their husbands during religious rituals is considered a form of ungodliness (i.e. Q. 2:197), they are slaves to men in the time of war (i.e. Q. 70:29-31), men have rights to marry them even if the woman is a child bride (Q. 65:4), they are a degree below men to the point of allowing men to beat them if necessary (Q. 4:34), her witness is half that of a man since she is intellectually more prone to forget and err (Q. 2:282), they are to be treated by their husbands as only another wife not the ONLY wife since men can marry up to four wives at the same time, they are a source of pollution that can negate a male’s prayer preparation (Q. 5:6), they are to be considered a justifiable and acceptable object of lust for men (Q. 7:81), and when it comes to divorce she has no rights whatsoever to release herself from the bondage of her husband (especially the abusive one) without his permission and ultimate authority (Q. 2:228).

The list above is nothing but a sample of a host of other verses where women are clearly degraded and humiliated in a book considered to by holy and spoken by Allah (the god of Islam) himself. Which leads one to ask: if the god who supposedly created women thinks so lowly of them and does not provide any protection for them against any sort of abuse inflected by their society, how then can anyone blame their own family for eliminating them to preserve the honor of the family name, often over accusations that are not substantiated or based on mere speculation?

With honor killing victims as Jessica Mokdad (Michigan), Tater Harun (Germany), Noor Almaleki (Arizona);to name a few. Not to mention the alleged mass murder of three of the Shafia daughters by their father, mother and brother (Ontario, Canada), which can be followed on this link:

In light of all of the above evidence, one can only wrestle with one huge dilemma that demands an answer:

How can Islam bring honor to women when it tolerates dishonoring them for being
westernized or at the least for seeking freedom to express their god given gifts and rights?

This is our dilemma that demands an answer!

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