The Dilemma of Democracy and Islamic Terrorism – Liberty vs. Security

The price of liberty can come at a very high cost. After all, our liberty is OUR RIGHT. However, ever since 9/11 many Americans have seen numerous measures and vast changes that had a direct impact on their freedom and infringed on their privacy. Without a doubt, such changes can cause so many concerns regarding the extent of such measures when implemented by our government, the keeper and enforcer of such rights.

One of such measure was implemented by the NYPD which developed a surveillance program designed to spy on Muslims. The purpose of the program was to track activities of Muslims at Mosques, Islamic centers, communities, and universities. It also included cataloging mosques and Muslim-owned businesses, recording the license plates of worshippers at mosques, infiltrating student groups and eavesdropping in Muslim neighborhoods The motive behind such surveillance was to detect and deter any terror activities in the wake of the 9/11 attack on NY.

When asked about this, attorney General Eric Holder told Congress on Thursday that he’s disturbed by what he’s read about the New York Police Department conducting surveillance of mosques and Islamic student organizations in New Jersey. His comments, without a doubt, represented the extent of the public discussion of the topic.

Without a doubt, NYPD can attest to the fact that the program had worked by preventing any possible terror attacks on NY, not to mention a number of recent foiled plots. One also can make a case that some of the foiled plots were not directly connected to the NYPD effort, and one, the nearly successful car bombing in Times Square, failed only because of a design flaw.

We agree that our liberty and the right to privacy are very important to all of us. The question, however, is not whether the NYPD operation is lawful or if it infringed up on these rights, the question is rather; what makes Islam such a hot field for many surveillance and intelligence operations, not just in the US, but also worldwide?

Unfortunately, one should not go further than the pages of the Qur’an, the Muslims’ holiest book, from which they draw all of their daily life spiritual and moral needs and codes of conduct.

When it comes to the Islamic view on freedom, democracy, violence, and dealing with non-Muslims, one can find some disturbing passages that can shed some light on why SOME Muslims commit acts of terror and violence against others, which in turn can justify what the intelligence community is doing to protect freedom, and the public at-large.

On the issue of freedom and democracy, the Qur’an forces its adherents to submit to its authority and never question its teachings (Q 33:36), it denies non-Muslims any equality with Muslims on the basis of their religious affiliation(Q 45:21), denies and resists all non-Islamic authorities over Muslims on the basis of their religious beliefs (Q 4:141), it affirms the superiority of Muslims over others on the basis of their religious beliefs (Q 63:8), and it demands its adherents to ONLY obey the Islamic authority; including their religious leaders (Q 4:59), among other teachings that are anti-freedom.

When it comes to commanding violence, the Qur’an expects its adherents to slay the infidels anywhere (Q 2:191-193), reminds the Muslims that their fight against infidels is done for the cause of Allah and is pleasing to him (Q 2:244),  it affirms terror against the infidels (Q 3:151; 8:12), it elevates the Muslims who are willing to fight the infidels over the Muslims who are not willing to fight (Q 4:95), and it commands Muslims to carry on their fight against the infidels until the religion of Islam is dominant (Q 8:39).

However, the most terrifying teachings found in the Qur’an has to do with the issue of Martyrdom and the so-called “Suicide-Bombing”. The Qur’an explicitly condone the action of any Muslim who is willing to sacrifice his/her life for the sake of earning vast heavenly rewards (Q 2:207; 4:74), it clearly states that the god of Islam “Allah” had purchased the life of his followers for the sake of fighting his enemy and dying for his cause (Q 9:111), not to mentions the many sexual pleasure rewards that awaits martyrs; such as dark-eyed virgins (Q 44:54; 52:20).

With teachings as those, can anyone blame the intelligence community and other law enforcement agencies (i.e. NYPD) from conducting surveillance operations to put a stop to any attempt by Islamic terrorist, to create chaos and terrorize peaceful communities for no reason other than to please their selfish spiritual desires, and satisfy their heavenly sexuality, which a mere fantasy at best.

One must also be cognitive of the fact that terror acts as this, especially when empowered by religious beliefs, can be devastating not only to the non-Muslim community, but also to peaceful law abiding Muslim citizens who want to live a free life from the bondage of their questionable religious teachings.

Therefore, when our founding fathers stated in the Declaration of Independence “. . . We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. . .” we can’t help but to agree with their wisdom, that LIFE precedes LIBERTY for a reason.

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