Sharia Law & Islamic Radicalization – The Future of the Middle East or The Dilemma of the New Administration

The Spring of 2011, The Arab Spring, a coined term, provided a glimpse of hope that real democracy is finally on the rise in the Middle East, a region that has been living under oppression and tyranny for decades, if not centuries. Many people were excited, marching in the streets of Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, Saudi, Bahrain, and Syria. Young and old joined together for the greater cause; FREEDOM at last.

The Summer of 2012, The Arab Spring, faded away. Hope fizzled away. Fear is on the rise. Muslim Brotherhood; Salafi, Sharia Law, Radical Islam, are the new coined terms. And all of a sudden, Mubarak and his past reign seemed more promising than the unknown future. What was once called “Arab Spring” is now called “Arab Winter” as my friend Stakelbeck (Stakelbeck on Terror)  calls it.

The Spring of 2013, with radical Islamic regimes at the helm of governments in Egypt, in Tunisia, in Iraq, in Iran, in Syria, in Yemen, in Saudi, in Gaza, in Algeria, and in Sudan, one can only ask; where did the Spring go!

What does this mean to US: Terror, Trouble, and Tragedy?

Where do we go from here: To the unknown. To lack of democracy. To peace-less reality. To hope-less future. To increased animosity towards the WEST. To more terror acts.

What should the new administration know: WE ARE AT WAR with fundamental Islam. The battle is about to get tougher and deeper. ARE YOU RAEDY?


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