Sequestration and the War on Terror

While congress and the administration battle over the upcoming federal budget cuts caused by “sequestration,” one must ask a very serious question: Will it affect our war on terror?

With the looming automatic cuts that worth billions of dollars to federal spending, many crucial government operations and agencies, without a doubt, will suffer the consequences of this fiscal doomsday which was the product of a 2011 debt ceiling deal between the administration and congress.

Although all federal operations are vital at some level or another, one that stands at the top is the war on terror operation conducted by many security agencies. More than $500 billion worth of cuts is expected to hit these various agencies. However, such upcoming cuts are going to hinder the operation of those agencies and in turn their fight against terrorist driven by an ideology whose ultimate goal is to overpower and takeover our nation.

It is unfortunate that a deal has not been cut as of yet to avert this fiscal disaster since the outcome of these cuts will only enhance the chances of the terrorists to strike eve more. And with Al Qaeda’s new strategy of training and resending operatives back to the US and Europe, one can only wonder if these terrorist groups are watching closely the unfolding of this so called “sequestration” for the purpose of taking full advantage of such fall.

Although one would agree that some level of debt reduction and spending cuts are necessary, the question becomes: how far is too far? Especially when our national security is at risk of losing its powerful grip over the enemy! Something that we can’t afford to happen.



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