Is the US prepared for the New Middle East? A Dilemma of International Proportion

In the wake of the recent attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, one sobering reality emerged very clearly; the US is not prepared for the new Middle East. Not even close by any stretch of imagination. Many current events and factors are foundational in reaching this heartbreak conclusion.

• For starter, the US remains naïve when it comes to understanding the psychology of the Middle East which comprises mainly of Arabs Muslims who view the US as the great Satan of the world and an enemy of Islam.
• Many new governments in the region, as the after math of the Arab Spring, are Anti-American and Pro-Islamic Extremism.
• Radical Muslims in the region, for the first time, are in the driver seat in almost every Middle Eastern country, a very alarming trend to say the least.
• Most, if not all, moderate Muslims in the region are controlled by Radicals emotionally; as we saw in the recent case concerning the riots against the movie about Muhammad, psychologically out of fear of retaliation against them should they take a different stand against the radicals or if they simply chose not to participate in their Anti-American agenda.
• Many of the youth in these countries are unemployed and have all the time in the world to join the radicals in their violence and effort to take over power in their respective countries with the hope that such goal may provide them with a better future.
• Almost all of the new governments in the region are inexperienced in foreign policies and diplomacy. This causes them to be vigilant against the US and its involvement in their region based on their own presuppositions that the US is responsible for their past miseries and current affairs.
• New relationships are forming in the region between former enemies; as Iran, against present allies; as the US, as we are witnessing in Iraq and Egypt.

All of these factors, and the tragic outcome of the attack on the US consulate which resulted in the killing of 4 Americans including the US ambassador, mean only one thing: The US is still in denial of these sobering realities and still living the past in terms of foreign diplomacies with these new regional Middle Eastern governments who are Radical Islamists at best.

It should be a no surprise then that the outcome of this sad reality can involve attacks against American embassies, American personals, American allies, and the failure of the US to anticipate and prepare for Radical Muslim violent actions.

However, the most shocking reality of all is when we read and hear the Administration and the US ambassador to the UN singing the mantra that the attack in Benghazi was a spontaneous and not a pre-planned attack.

If that was the case, then we kindly ask for an explanation as to why did the demonstrators spontaneously showed up with rocket grenades and machine guns? Why they spontaneously chose their target carefully? How did they spontaneously find out about the safe house where the US ambassador was hiding at? And why are all other Muslims in Egypt; Tunisia; Morocco; Iraq; Jordan; Pakistan; India; Sudan; Bangladesh; Malaysia; Australia; and the UK, why did they all spontaneously aimed at the destruction of the US embassies in their areas?
This dilemma demands a spontaneous answer!

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