In Memory of 9/11 – Are We Better Off Today? The Dilemma of Radical Islam Revisited

Eleven years ago a group of 19 radical Muslims hijacked four US airplanes for the purpose of committing suicide missions against key structures, mainly in the Eastern region of the United States. The after math of this ruthless attack was the destruction of both of the World Trade Centers, damage to a section in the Pentagon, and the loss of more than 3,000 innocent lives.

As a result of that brutal and unjustified attack, the US and its allies launched a military attack on the Taliban and their co-conspirators al-Qaeda in Afghanistan for the sole purpose of eradicating these Radical Islamic terror organizations and liberating Afghanistan from their religious tyranny.

In addition, national security standards in the US, and globally for that matter, were heightened in order to protect innocent people from facing a similar tragedy in the future. Many terrorists were arrested and imprisoned. Interrogations revealed scores of valuable information, that which was used to protect the nation, but also to find the head of the snake; Bin Laden and kill him.

Yet despite all of these wonderful developments, the real question remains: Are We Better off Today than We Were 11 Years Ago? A closer look on the current global affairs should provide us with a glimpse to answer this puzzling, yet vital question.

• Al-Qaeda, even though has been broken off into pieces and many of its primary leaders were killed, remains a serious threat to the US and its allies. Breaking off al-Qaeda does not mean they are incapable to activate their solo sleeper cells to do acts of terror. Finding these cells is an even tougher job than finding Bin Laden.

• Iran with its Nuclear weapon aspiration and resiliency to global pressure is becoming a serious threat to the regional security, specifically against Israel and Saudi Arabia, but even against the US. The recent unfolded assassination plot against the Saudi ambassador to the US serves as an example of the extent of the terrorist reach by the Iranians.

• The Taliban are back again. With the rise of their terrorist activities against the US military and its allies, and most recent beheading incident of 17 people at a dance party, one can only imagine how life will turn in Afghanistan after the imminent departure of the US armed forces. Enough said.

• The Muslim Brotherhoods rise to power in Egypt should be the most serious development of them all. Especially when the Brotherhoods have a far more stealth outreach than cannot be noticed as with the others. In addition, the Brotherhoods have proven time and time again that they are quick learners from their past mistakes or experiences, and their wealth can do them miracles. Their danger to the region and the entire global stability is something to be taken very seriously.

The list above summarizes the development at the terror front since 9/11. It is a sobering reminder that terrorists are by no mean gone forever, nor that they will ever be. It would be so naïve to assume that military or intelligence actions against them will serve as the mean to eradicate them. After all, the terrorists are not driven by political gains or power, they are driven by religious mandates that which cannot be ignored by them, nor should it be ignored by US. Their motivation does not come from individuals, it come from a book “The Qur’an”.

Until we are ready to learn more about these serious and dangerous mandates of Holy Jihad against the infidels [all of US] as taught in their book, we are not equipped enough to stand against them, and THEY KNOW IT.

To learn more about these mandates and what the terrorists stand for in their war against the world, read our book “The Qur’an Dilemma”. HE WHO HAS EAR LET HIM HEAR.

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