Al-Qaeda, Persistence Terror, and the Dilemma of Islamic Jihad

A year ago, Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda was assassinated through a highlysophisticated operation by specialized SEAL team-6. The news was a cause of a much needed celebration given the horrific murderous record of Bin Laden against many innocent lives worldwide, and specifically against American lives during the 9/11 terror attack.

However, the question remains; Are we truly safer today than we were a year ago?

The recent discovery of a planned bomb attack by al-Qaeda against a US plane in the
wake of Bin Laden’s one year anniversary provide us with an unwanted answer; NO
it is not over yet, not by any stretch of imagination.

The real problem with groups like al-Qaeda is not their former, present, or future
leaders! The problem is in their ideology which promotes hate towards the infidels and death to their enemies. Such ideology is not originated by a personal agenda driven by ambition or quest for notoriety; rather it is embedded in their belief system which feeds of their holy book the Qur’an, the real source of such terror and ideology.

Unless we are willing to learn about this source, and how to combat its so-called divine teachings, no victory is worth celebration, at least, not so soon.  And that’s my friends is the real Dilemma.

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