A Movie about the Prophet of Islam! Here we go again – A Small and Savage Reaction, or a Serious Dilemma!

It was almost a few months ago that the people of Libya were liberated from the 42 reign of tyranny by Gadhafi, thanks to the intervention of the US and Allies, Inc. Celebrations were filling the streets of the many major cities in Libya, and the Americans were held as heroes.

Yet today we hear of sad news from Libya that the US ambassador and two of his staff members were killed in an attack by Islamic militants, known as Ansar al-Sharia (Eng. Supporters of Sharia) who were outraged over the recent amateur movie production by a US based group which depicts the prophet of Islam in some of its scenes, something that Islam prohibits!

This action, without a doubt, is a repeat of similar actions; some were even as recent as last year, over the burning of the Qur’an, or as in 2005, over the cartoon depiction of the prophet.

The amazing but puzzling thing about these savage actions is that it is done by a group of people who claim to be followers of a religion which they claim to be “The Religion of Peace”. Yet these actions and many others like them are the farthest from any peace, peaceful gesture, or even a hint of peace, for that matter. They are actions that are carried out by a coward group which aspire to dominate others, which has a global terror agenda, and which forgets any acts of kindness extended toward it (as did the US for the Libyan people just recently).

What is even more troubling about these savage acts by the so-called Radical Islamists, is that they are acts of cowardness against INNOCENT people, who are often times unarmed, since these small savages know that they cannot face the real guns.

Once again we ask: why do these savages act this way? We need to turn to their book “The Qur’an” to find the answer.



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