THE US ADMINISTRATION & RADICAL ISLAM – Downplaying the risk or down-right clueless

For while a noticeable trend is taking shape in terms of how the US administration has been responding to any and all acts of terrorism against the US. The usual reaction is that these acts are isolated incidents performed by lone-wolves who are acting on their own behalf and have no ties to an organized terror group.

The latest assessment of the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi as a spontaneous reaction to an anti-Islam movie rather than a pre-planned attack should raise enough eye brows as to the level of readiness or even comprehension the US National Security advisors possess, not to mention, the type of intelligence they receive.

If the Ft. Hood shooting, the Detroit Christmas Day underwear attempted bombing, the Times square attempted bombing, and the US embassy terror attack are all spontaneous or isolated incidents, one must then wonder as to why investigative reports on these incidents reveal a much troubling reality in terms of the connection between these incidents or attempts and organized groups as Al Qaeda.

The recent out-of-control riots all over the Islamic world over an anti-Islamic movie which majority of Muslims were not even aware of until the US embassy in Egypt issued an apology statement concerning this low budget YouTube video, serves as another example of the lack of understanding by the administration of how the Islamic culture works. Such apology sparked an unexpected wave of violence that spanned from the far Western region of North Africa all the way across to South East Asia, resulting in the tragic death of the US ambassador to Libya and the death of scores of other innocent people.

It is quite disturbing to see this trend of an attitude of downplaying such major and serious terror operations which stem from the core agenda of Radical Islam. Either the national security advisors are not receiving proper intelligence or they are down-right clueless to the risk of radical Islam and are ill-equipped to assess the type of intelligence they are receiving.

Either scenario is very troubling and causes a serious dilemma that demands an explanation.
To learn more about the danger of radical Islam, consult our book “The Quran Dilemma”.

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Is the US prepared for the New Middle East? A Dilemma of International Proportion

In the wake of the recent attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, one sobering reality emerged very clearly; the US is not prepared for the new Middle East. Not even close by any stretch of imagination. Many current events and factors are foundational in reaching this heartbreak conclusion.

• For starter, the US remains naïve when it comes to understanding the psychology of the Middle East which comprises mainly of Arabs Muslims who view the US as the great Satan of the world and an enemy of Islam.
• Many new governments in the region, as the after math of the Arab Spring, are Anti-American and Pro-Islamic Extremism.
• Radical Muslims in the region, for the first time, are in the driver seat in almost every Middle Eastern country, a very alarming trend to say the least.
• Most, if not all, moderate Muslims in the region are controlled by Radicals emotionally; as we saw in the recent case concerning the riots against the movie about Muhammad, psychologically out of fear of retaliation against them should they take a different stand against the radicals or if they simply chose not to participate in their Anti-American agenda.
• Many of the youth in these countries are unemployed and have all the time in the world to join the radicals in their violence and effort to take over power in their respective countries with the hope that such goal may provide them with a better future.
• Almost all of the new governments in the region are inexperienced in foreign policies and diplomacy. This causes them to be vigilant against the US and its involvement in their region based on their own presuppositions that the US is responsible for their past miseries and current affairs.
• New relationships are forming in the region between former enemies; as Iran, against present allies; as the US, as we are witnessing in Iraq and Egypt.

All of these factors, and the tragic outcome of the attack on the US consulate which resulted in the killing of 4 Americans including the US ambassador, mean only one thing: The US is still in denial of these sobering realities and still living the past in terms of foreign diplomacies with these new regional Middle Eastern governments who are Radical Islamists at best.

It should be a no surprise then that the outcome of this sad reality can involve attacks against American embassies, American personals, American allies, and the failure of the US to anticipate and prepare for Radical Muslim violent actions.

However, the most shocking reality of all is when we read and hear the Administration and the US ambassador to the UN singing the mantra that the attack in Benghazi was a spontaneous and not a pre-planned attack.

If that was the case, then we kindly ask for an explanation as to why did the demonstrators spontaneously showed up with rocket grenades and machine guns? Why they spontaneously chose their target carefully? How did they spontaneously find out about the safe house where the US ambassador was hiding at? And why are all other Muslims in Egypt; Tunisia; Morocco; Iraq; Jordan; Pakistan; India; Sudan; Bangladesh; Malaysia; Australia; and the UK, why did they all spontaneously aimed at the destruction of the US embassies in their areas?
This dilemma demands a spontaneous answer!

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A Movie about the Prophet of Islam! Here we go again – A Small and Savage Reaction, or a Serious Dilemma!

It was almost a few months ago that the people of Libya were liberated from the 42 reign of tyranny by Gadhafi, thanks to the intervention of the US and Allies, Inc. Celebrations were filling the streets of the many major cities in Libya, and the Americans were held as heroes.

Yet today we hear of sad news from Libya that the US ambassador and two of his staff members were killed in an attack by Islamic militants, known as Ansar al-Sharia (Eng. Supporters of Sharia) who were outraged over the recent amateur movie production by a US based group which depicts the prophet of Islam in some of its scenes, something that Islam prohibits!

This action, without a doubt, is a repeat of similar actions; some were even as recent as last year, over the burning of the Qur’an, or as in 2005, over the cartoon depiction of the prophet.

The amazing but puzzling thing about these savage actions is that it is done by a group of people who claim to be followers of a religion which they claim to be “The Religion of Peace”. Yet these actions and many others like them are the farthest from any peace, peaceful gesture, or even a hint of peace, for that matter. They are actions that are carried out by a coward group which aspire to dominate others, which has a global terror agenda, and which forgets any acts of kindness extended toward it (as did the US for the Libyan people just recently).

What is even more troubling about these savage acts by the so-called Radical Islamists, is that they are acts of cowardness against INNOCENT people, who are often times unarmed, since these small savages know that they cannot face the real guns.

Once again we ask: why do these savages act this way? We need to turn to their book “The Qur’an” to find the answer.


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In Memory of 9/11 – Are We Better Off Today? The Dilemma of Radical Islam Revisited

Eleven years ago a group of 19 radical Muslims hijacked four US airplanes for the purpose of committing suicide missions against key structures, mainly in the Eastern region of the United States. The after math of this ruthless attack was the destruction of both of the World Trade Centers, damage to a section in the Pentagon, and the loss of more than 3,000 innocent lives.

As a result of that brutal and unjustified attack, the US and its allies launched a military attack on the Taliban and their co-conspirators al-Qaeda in Afghanistan for the sole purpose of eradicating these Radical Islamic terror organizations and liberating Afghanistan from their religious tyranny.

In addition, national security standards in the US, and globally for that matter, were heightened in order to protect innocent people from facing a similar tragedy in the future. Many terrorists were arrested and imprisoned. Interrogations revealed scores of valuable information, that which was used to protect the nation, but also to find the head of the snake; Bin Laden and kill him.

Yet despite all of these wonderful developments, the real question remains: Are We Better off Today than We Were 11 Years Ago? A closer look on the current global affairs should provide us with a glimpse to answer this puzzling, yet vital question.

• Al-Qaeda, even though has been broken off into pieces and many of its primary leaders were killed, remains a serious threat to the US and its allies. Breaking off al-Qaeda does not mean they are incapable to activate their solo sleeper cells to do acts of terror. Finding these cells is an even tougher job than finding Bin Laden.

• Iran with its Nuclear weapon aspiration and resiliency to global pressure is becoming a serious threat to the regional security, specifically against Israel and Saudi Arabia, but even against the US. The recent unfolded assassination plot against the Saudi ambassador to the US serves as an example of the extent of the terrorist reach by the Iranians.

• The Taliban are back again. With the rise of their terrorist activities against the US military and its allies, and most recent beheading incident of 17 people at a dance party, one can only imagine how life will turn in Afghanistan after the imminent departure of the US armed forces. Enough said.

• The Muslim Brotherhoods rise to power in Egypt should be the most serious development of them all. Especially when the Brotherhoods have a far more stealth outreach than cannot be noticed as with the others. In addition, the Brotherhoods have proven time and time again that they are quick learners from their past mistakes or experiences, and their wealth can do them miracles. Their danger to the region and the entire global stability is something to be taken very seriously.

The list above summarizes the development at the terror front since 9/11. It is a sobering reminder that terrorists are by no mean gone forever, nor that they will ever be. It would be so naïve to assume that military or intelligence actions against them will serve as the mean to eradicate them. After all, the terrorists are not driven by political gains or power, they are driven by religious mandates that which cannot be ignored by them, nor should it be ignored by US. Their motivation does not come from individuals, it come from a book “The Qur’an”.

Until we are ready to learn more about these serious and dangerous mandates of Holy Jihad against the infidels [all of US] as taught in their book, we are not equipped enough to stand against them, and THEY KNOW IT.

To learn more about these mandates and what the terrorists stand for in their war against the world, read our book “The Qur’an Dilemma”. HE WHO HAS EAR LET HIM HEAR.

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The Dilemma of the Muslim Friday Prayer in Charlotte: A Show of Domination of National Concern

Time and time again the Qur’an, the Muslim’s Holy Book, makes it very clear that the ultimate purpose of Islam is to make the religion supreme and dominate over all other beliefs (including Atheism). The following two verses from the Qur’an serve as an example of such purpose.

Q 61:9
“He it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islamic monotheism) to make it victorious over all (other) religions even though the Mushrikûn (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah and His Messenger Muhammad) hate (it).”

Q 48:28
“He it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam), that He may make it (Islam) superior to all religions. And All-Sufficient is Allah as a Witness.”

However, despite the many clear evidence in the Islamic text, as shown above, and despite the many incidents by its radical followers to fulfill this dangerous purpose of religious domination, many in the left are completely oblivious to this clear and present danger, which has been vividly expressed; not only by Islamic researchers and scholars, or former Muslims, but even by moderate Muslims as well; such Dr. Zuhdi Jasser.

The latest incident in NC by allowing the Muslim Friday (Jum’a) prayer to take place in a public park on the Friday preceding the 2012 DNC convention, is a classic example of such ignorance on the left’s part by not realizing the hidden religious messages sent by the radical Islamic community to those around them.

It is true that the US constitution permits the freedom of religion to all mankind without any favoritism to one religion over another, yet lately it seems that the liberal camp is showing more favoritism to the religion of Islam over and above what is considered tolerable, especially when such favor is granted to the radical followers of Islam who are intolerable of others.

Even though, the DNC denied its involvement, organization,  or support of such Friday Prayer gathering, it remains a mystery how the organizers of this religious Muslim event took the liberty not only to post the DNC initials on their formal invitation to the prayer, but also make mention that the prayer will be held at the DNC convention (as can be seen in this article It is quite impossible for the City of Charlotte officials to have not noticed such invitation or its relevant text! It is also puzzling as to why the city officials would take any action against it until the news of this event was made public via the web and many expressed their outrage over it.

It is so perplexing to me to see such level of ignorance by the liberal side by bowing down time after time to the tyranny of Radical Islam. For once, they should know that the Muslim Friday Prayer (known as the Jum’a prayer) is intended for religious gathering to show solidarity and superiority. In fact, the host committee’s website had said that the Jum’a purpose was to make the “general public aware that the Muslim community is a healthy and vibrant component to the American society.”

These Friday prayers often times are used to rally its radical followers against infidels through the use of explicit sermon messages on the necessity to perform holy jihad against them, to eliminate them, to dominate them, and to rule them. One must ask: what was the purpose of this gathering at the onset of the DNC convention. Is the Islamic community trying to send a message of sort to those around them that we are here to dominate and overrule? And of the liberal side is so tolerant of political Islam, why not allow Catholics, or Mormons, to hold a similar gathering on the Sunday preceding the DNC as a show of tolerance and acceptance of all? Better yet, why did not they allow the Sikhs to hold their own gathering as a show of support to them after the tragic massacre at their worship center in Milwaukee, WI? All of this would have at least provided solid evidence that the liberals in general and the DNC in particular have no favoritism towards any one particular religion over another, and would have served as a good publicity for the DNC platform of tolerance and acceptance.

Unfortunately, not only the liberals failed in recognizing such dangerous message of superiority, but they even failed to recognize that the Imam of this event, Siraj Wahhaj,  was one of the most radical Muslim clerics who has been cited numerous times for saying things that are against democracy and the US constitution, not to mention his affiliation with many questionable radical Islamic terrorist groups (as can be read in this article

If the liberals are unaware of the danger of radical Islam to the US and its national security, we advise them to get a copy of our book “The Qur’an Dilemma” and see for themselves the many core values these radicals stand on and promote for the sake of the success of their world domination agenda.


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The Muslim Brotherhood – A Global Threat, a Regional Dilemma

The Muslim Brotherhood not that long ago was an obscure name to the global community until just recently with the unfolding events in Egypt during the Arab Spring revolution.

Many are not aware of the existence of this organization which has lasted for over 82 years. Initially, rising as a religious reformation movement, then advancing as a political organization, and finally culminating into a ruling party in Egypt for the first time in its history.

However, all that aside, one must ask: what’s so significant about the brotherhoods? No doubt, it’s a fair question that demands an answer.

For once, the very reason that led to the Muslim Brotherhood inception should be of concern to the global community. After all, their motive was to reform Islam back to its original roots which include Jihad, Sharia, and global domination, and the establishment of Caliphate, among other things.

In order for this lofty goal to be accomplished, a very structured and organized movement must be established and put in place. One whose reach can be global, and not confined only to local or regional boundaries. A movement that will be fueled by wealth, passion, religious allegiance, and loyalty.

And as a result, a global outreach was indeed what the brotherhoods had done by forming alliance with the Nazis against the Jews, and the allies for that matter, organizing political parties in almost every Islamic nation, and inciting riots and rebellious against local governments. Such efforts had helped the Muslim Brotherhood to position themselves strategically and build for a future take-over.

In addition to their regional aspiration, the brotherhood’s focus shifted to establishing their presence in Europe and the US by starting many undercover organizations that which give the appearance of benign religious or social establishments, yet behind the scene aims to infiltrate at the national security and political levels of those nations, for the lofty purpose of global domination.

Recently, and since the start of the Arab Spring in early 2011, all signs lead to the Brotherhoods involvement, one way or another, in either starting riots, or enticing others; as the case in Egypt, or even awaiting to prey on the outcome of another; as in Syria. Proving yet again that they are a formidable foe to the stability of the region and the globe.

Today, their enthronement at the helm of the Egyptian presidency will without a doubt strengthen their position and may even foster a favorable environment for them to expedite their ultimate goals for domination. Some of the possible scenarios by which such goal can be accomplished can include:

1. Establish a Muslim Brotherhood mini Caliphate through Egypt, Sinai, Gaza strip, and soon Syria.
2. Entice a religious reformation in countries as Jordan and Northern Sudan. In doing so, their mini Caliphate can be expanded.
3.  Form a regional alliance with Iran against Israel by facilitating an Iranian military presence against Israel’s southern borders, in Sinai, and Northeastern borders, in Syria. Not to mention the priceless access through the Swiss Canal, which can add another threat to the Western borders of Israel.
4. Form a global partnership with Russia and China, which can serve as leverage against the US and its regional allies. Not to mention that such partnership can open doors for the Brotherhoods in South America as well.
5. Support Al-Qaeda organization by allowing them access to Sinai and strengthening their position in the region, especially after they have suffered the loss of many of its top commanders. Such alliance can temporarily allow the Brotherhoods an access to another organized global terrorist group in addition to the regional Hamas.
6. Continue their political lobbying and infiltration inside the US to further strengthen their military and financial positions by taking advantage of their growing favorable position and the support facilitated by the Administration.

Any one of the above scenarios should sound the alarm bell immediately to the global community as it is a frightening thought to see this happening. However, if history can serve as a proof, one should be frightened indeed. For since it took the Muslim Brotherhoods only 82 years to become a house hold name in the region, it should not take them nearly that long to become a global brand, and power for that matter. After all, the last time an Islamic Caliphate was in power was almost 86 years ago. Making a revival effort to bringing it back seems a few steps away, especially when we know that for the Brotherhoods, it does not matter who can lead the Caliphate (i.e. an Egyptian, Syrian, or even Indonesian), as long as the dream of a Caliphate can get accomplished soon.

This indeed should be a real global dilemma for those “who have an ear to hear”.

To learn more about the Islamic jihad and global domination, get a copy of our book “The Quran Dilemma” at


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Why The Obama Administration is Perfect for The Muslim Brotherhood?

As a former radical Muslim who once had aspirations to fight as a jihadist against the enemies of Allah, I find it disheartening when I hear or read about the many venues of support that the Obama Administration has made in the past or is making available to the Muslim Brotherhood. A radical Islamic group that aims for world domination, Islamic Caliphate resurrection, Sharia law implementation, Jihad implementation, and destruction of the enemies of Allah; which include America.

Since 2008, it has become apparent that the Muslim Brotherhood is being dealt with in a special way with so many amenities and privileges being granted to them. Such privileges include access to or even employment at many sensitive government positions dealing with national security.

Many other external signs support this new disturbing trend, such as an access to the Egyptian presidency when the Obama Administration pulled the plug on Mubarak, a long time regional ally. In addition, they are promised a1.3 Billion dollars in annual support to the Egyptian government, in addition to a recent 1.5 billion special aid.

Just recently, they were empowered by the Administration who hinted to them its sign of approval for the removal of the Defense Minister, Army general Tantawi, by president Morsi and replacing him with another general who is more sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood. A very troubling move, which could result in a negative regional impact in the long run, especially on the relationship with Israel.

However, probably the most significant support the Muslim Brotherhood would hope for is an administration that will not be a traditional pro-Israel and will be willing to look the other way should an infraction takes place between Egypt and Israel, especially in the Sinai desert! An administration that will tolerate an anti- Israel government and sentiment in Egypt!

In other words, the Muslim Brotherhood has made headways in the last few years that had surpassed their entire 82 years history since their inception. For all of these reasons and more to come, an Obama Administration is the ideal one for a radical group as the Muslim Brotherhood. Anything else would be a dilemma for the brothers!

To learn more about the beliefs of the Muslim Brothehood, get a copy of our book “The Quran Dilemma” at:

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The Dilemma of Islamic Sharia and Freedom of Expression

Often times we hear the rhetoric that Islamic Sharia Law is compatible with Western democracy and constitutions as the United States’. Many Muslim advocates of Sharia try to promote the notion that Islam provides adequate forms of democracy and freedom. However, the more one explore such claims the more disturbing the findings become.

Pakistan for example has a law that calls for the death penalty against anyone who blaspheme against the prophet of Islam. Many innocent people were victimized as a result of this law, often times accused falsely by neighbors or colleagues without any proof. Some as a result have been imprisoned for years losing all forms of freedom.

Few months ago a young Saudi blogger and columnist, Hamza Kashgari, 23, tweeted some comments regarding his opinion of the prophet saying that he liked and disliked certain things about the prophet. His comments were deemed insulting to the person of the prophet and caused an up roar among the religious authorities causing the Saudi government to arrest him via the Interpol and have him extradited from Malaysia to face charges. Today he has been jailed in solitary confinement awaiting his trial which may result in his execution by beheading, despite the fact that he has pulled his tweet back almost immediately and issued a public apology and repentance.

If such backward behaviors by so-called “Religious Police” do not call for an outrage for its clear infringement on one’s freedom, the upcoming initiative, by the Saudi Religious Police to criminalize insulting Islam, should! Unnamed sources close to the matter related to this discussion revealed that within two months the Shura Council {the Islamic consultation committee] will issue the results of its study on the recommended regulations  to combat the criticism of the basic tenets of Islamic Sharia (see

What is so alarming about this proposal is the very fact that it is based on findings by Saudi authority that people have been using social media and networks to express their opinions freely, something apparently that cannot be tolerated, and may even be punishable by death depending on the nature of the criticism.

The so called criticism is specifically aimed towards any expression of opinion about the prophet of Islam, early Muslim figures and clerics. In other words, no one can at all times ask any question pertinent to an event or behavior by the prophet of Islam , such as his marriage of a Nine years old child bride when he was in his early fifties. Nor question any of his companion’s character and odd behavior; as leading prayer while intoxicated; or burning apostates to death. After all, the prophet and his companions are the role model for Muslims to follow as the best and chosen of mankind (Q. 3:100; 9:100), hence, their behavior is paramount in shaping one’s own.

While we are accustomed into hearing through media outlets that Islam is a religion of peace, and that Sharia Law is compatible with the US constitution. In light of these grave declarations, one should expect freedom to be a nonnegotiable and inalienable right within Islam and sharia. Furthermore, one should expect such virtues to be abundant in the birth place of Islam; Saudi Arabia. However, such news concerning an initiative designed to restrict people’s freedom to think; question; and express their own opinion, should be alarming and must be open for scrutiny.

In reality, these types of initiatives do not stem from personal agendas or void foundations; they are based on teachings found in the pages of the Qur’an, the Muslim’s Holy Book. In other words, silencing people and oppressing their ability to think and express are divinely commanded and mandated by a religious book. Such sobering reality can only mean; SHARIA LAW will never be compatible with any constitution, especially those that calls for freedom and respect for human dignity.

For more on the teachings of the Qur’an on freedom, obtain a copy of our book “The Qur’an Dilemma” by visiting us at


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The Dilemma of Radical Islam in Light of the Arab Spring

Ever since the Spring of 2011and the Middle East has been experiencing an up rise like never before, a movement that earned itself the nick name “Arab Spring”.

The results of this unique and unprecedented movement were the toppling of four different regimes which shared a common theme; long-term dictatorship governing modules where people got fed up and caused an up rise.

On the outset the world was rejoicing for the freedom sought by the Arab people and for their bravery. However, it did not take so long for everyone to realize that the vacuum caused by this hopeful movement was soon filled by another extreme; The Radical Muslim groups. Whether it is The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, or Al Qaeda AP in Yemen, or other Radical Islamic forms in Libya and Tunisia, the outcome was very clear, Radical Islam is the new face of these empty, and in some cases, strategic pockets.

As a result, one can only wonder if the once called Arab Spring has just turned into an Arab Fall so quickly.

In the name of democracy, Western societies may not realize the devastation of such development immediately, however, ask any Arab who was seeking and longing for such democracy, and his/her somber response should be sobering to say the least.

Why? One might ask. The answer can be summed up in two words: Sharia Law.

Islamic regimes and Islamic law go hand in hand. You can’t have the one without the other. This means, no democracy whatsoever. For to have an Islamic law, is to forfeit one’s freedom at many levels; whether freedom of choice, religion, speech, or expression, none can be compatible with “Democracy” at least as the rest of the world know it.

With punishments such as beheadings, cutting off hands, stoning, and public flogging, one can only wonder if the nightmare of these Arab nations is over, or has it just begun! Only time will tell. For now, the Arab saga continues, and with it the Dilemma of Radical Islam.

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The Egyptian Election – Who’s The Winner?

Since the start of the Egyptian revolution in January 2012, which resulted in the ousting of the Mubarak regime, and all eyes and ears are on the hope of establishing a new government to be elected by the Egyptian people for the first time in their history since the fall of its Monarchy over sixty years ago.

This revolution resulted in the establishment of new parliament elected by the people, followed by a new presidential election process. Both resulted in the overpowering of the Islamists who dominated almost 70% of the parliament, and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood as one of the candidates for the office of the presidency.

Just as hope for new democratic era began to rise, shocking events took place to put a dent on the process. The first round of the presidential election resulted in two top candidates; a Muslim Brotherhood member and a former Mubarak official. Both are a serious setback for a revolution that hoped for democracy. This event was followed by another blow during the second round with the Muslim brotherhood candidate taking the lead to become the next president of Egypt.

However, and before the second round concluded, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) conducted a soft legal coup in which it revised certain parts of the constitution by giving itself more power and limiting the power of the new president.

Without a doubt, these results represent a huge setback for the people of Egypt whose hope was to establish a new era of democracy, that which will offer them freedom and respect their rights and choices. Unfortunately, the opposite was true. With SCAF at the helm and the Muslim Brotherhood one step closer to gaining power, even if limited, the Egyptian people have suffered a double loss. On the one hand, the power of the military rulers is increased beyond its previous limits during the Mubarak regime, and in on the other hand,  the Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, for the first time in their history are in a political position that will allow them to enforce elements of Sharia Law which without a doubt will reduce any hope for freedom and democracy for the people, and increase the limits of restriction and radicalization.

In light of all of these developmenets, the question which demands itself is: Who is the winner in all of this? Certainly NOT THE PEOPLE.


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