Sequestration and the War on Terror

While congress and the administration battle over the upcoming federal budget cuts caused by “sequestration,” one must ask a very serious question: Will it affect our war on terror?

With the looming automatic cuts that worth billions of dollars to federal spending, many crucial government operations and agencies, without a doubt, will suffer the consequences of this fiscal doomsday which was the product of a 2011 debt ceiling deal between the administration and congress.

Although all federal operations are vital at some level or another, one that stands at the top is the war on terror operation conducted by many security agencies. More than $500 billion worth of cuts is expected to hit these various agencies. However, such upcoming cuts are going to hinder the operation of those agencies and in turn their fight against terrorist driven by an ideology whose ultimate goal is to overpower and takeover our nation.

It is unfortunate that a deal has not been cut as of yet to avert this fiscal disaster since the outcome of these cuts will only enhance the chances of the terrorists to strike eve more. And with Al Qaeda’s new strategy of training and resending operatives back to the US and Europe, one can only wonder if these terrorist groups are watching closely the unfolding of this so called “sequestration” for the purpose of taking full advantage of such fall.

Although one would agree that some level of debt reduction and spending cuts are necessary, the question becomes: how far is too far? Especially when our national security is at risk of losing its powerful grip over the enemy! Something that we can’t afford to happen.



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The Iran & Muslim Brotherhoods Brief – A future Middle Eastern alliance

On Feb. 7th, 2013, the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran; Ahmadinejad, announced during a press conference in Cairo during his recent visit to attend an Islamic summit, that Iran is looking forward to reigniting and strengthening its past ties with now “The Islamic Republic of Egypt”.

This announcement supports our previous prediction of such a move between the Islamic regime in Iran and the newly formed Islamic regime in Egypt under the command of the Muslim Brotherhoods (see our blog post:The Muslim Brotherhood – A Regionall Threat, A Global Dilemma)l. It also serves to support our concerns that a closer tie between both regimes can only mean one thing: A future religious trouble for the embattled region, and specifically to our closest ally; Saudi Arabia.

Historically Iran, which represents the Shiite branch of Islam, is one of Saudi’s arch religious enemies due to their religious differences, and due to Iran’s constant interference and meddling with the interior affairs of the Oil rich monarch, where many Shiite minorities in the eastern region of Saudi have religious allegiances to the clerics of Iran.

If closer ties are developed and strengthened between Egypt and Iran, such closeness will enable Iran for the first time in a very long time to re-enter the Middle Eastern region from the North African side, hence allowing it to strengthen its grip and providing it with even an easier access to crucial parts (such as; the Gaza strip and Lebanon). This can also mean that Iran could cause even a bigger threat to Israel from both the south and the west, not to mention increasing its ability to support Hezbollah and Syria from the seashore side.

No matter what the motive is behind this troubling future alliance, one can be sure that “nothing good” will come out of it, at least nothing that would improve the politics of the region. It also serves as a confirmation of our suspicion that Iran is desperate for greater access and influence in the region to achieve its dream of regional domination as the emerging new power, especially with its continued efforts to build its nuclear arsenal, something that the brilliant Egyptian engineering mind can help them achieve quicker.

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Why Algeria’s Hostage Crisis is a Sign of a Hidden Threat

Almost a week ago a group of militants associated with the so-called Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) ambushed an Algerian oil and natural gas site on the Eastern region of the Saharan desert bordering Libya. The group then took workers as hostages, especially foreigners (as US workers).

The group claimed it did the assault as retaliation against the Algerian government for allowing the French army to flyover the North African nation during their military operation against Islamic militants in northern Mali.  Within hours the Algerian army stormed the Oil site and freed many of the hostages, killing almost all of the militants.
However, make no mistake about it this rather bizarre incident was a calculated attack by AQIM that should call into question the motive behind it. This attack is mainly a symptom of greater security instability in the region, chiefly, the rise of militant Islam and their systematic attempt to over through powers and take-over nations.

For years, and specifically after the start of the Arab Spring, militant Islamists have been working diligently to take advantage of the momentum in the region by increasing their numbers via young new recruits and by attracting seasoned fighters from embattled areas, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to number increase, militant Islamists, operating independently at times and collaboratively at others, have been focusing their efforts on weak pockets in North and Central Africa for the purpose of creating Islamic states and implementing Sharia Law, not to mention their hope of establishing religious states that could secure legitimacy at some point in the future.

The recent development on the Algerian border which was initiated by AQIM was an act which reveals the following signs, at least to those who are paying close attention to them:

1. Militant Islamists are growing not only in numbers, but also in mission; tactics; and power. The recent attempt in Algeria showed that they can sustain attacks against them, at least for a while.
2. Militant Islamists in general and Al Qaeda in particular remain strong and focused, despite the many blows they continue to receive through military and drone attacks. They are able to take advantage of power vacuums in the region and any political shift, as the case with Libya and Egypt.
3. Militant Islam agenda, for establishing an Islamic state and observing Sharia Law, continues to spread from one region to another.
4. Militant Islamists are capable of toppling sovereign governments either by force as in Mali, Libya, or even in Syria.
5. Militant Islamists are becoming masters in dragging Western International forces into military conflicts as the case with France in Mali, or the US in Iraq or Afghanistan. Their efforts are aimed at over- stretching these powers and draining their resources and support.
6. The Algerian incident is a sign of a growing trouble caused by Militant Islamists as seen in Mali where they were able to take over half the nation and establish Sharia Law without any regard to the local government or even the international community.
7. Militant Islamists may operate under different names or terror organizations, yet at the end of the day they all have the same MO.
8. Militant Islamists are willing to fight at any cost even to the point of death, as witnessed during their apparent failed operation in Algeria.

All of these signs can lead one to conclude that no matter how or what the International Community can or might do to halt the Militant Islamists, their efforts at the end of the day have proved futile, evidenced by the level of insurgency, sophistication, and resiliency exhibited by these organized terror groups.

As a result, one must ask this important question: What drives these militant Islamists’ cause?

The answer may not be as popular as one might hope for; it is without a doubt; the Qur’an and its clear and vivid instructions for the militants to fight non-Muslims (known as infidels) for the cause of the god of the Qur’an and for the purpose of advancing his agenda of making Islam and Sharia supreme. Such conclusion is a sobering one since it shows that no efforts whatsoever will prevent nor prevail against the Militant Islamists and their goal of continuing to carry on their so-called “Divine Jihad Mission”.

For more on the Qur’an and its teachings on Jihad, get a copy of “The Qur’an Dilemma” book at

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The New Democracy in Egypt: Minority Rule

Almost twenty months ago the world celebrated with the Egyptian people the removal of a longtime dictator; Mubarak, as a victory for the new Arab Spring democracy.

Almost a year later, things turned sour, and the new hope for democracy turned into despair as a result of the apparent control of the Muslim Brotherhoods and Salafis on the direction of the election to choose the new president. By June of this year it was very clear that the Muslim Brotherhoods are in control of power as the newly elected president of Egypt, Muhammad Morsi, emerged from the ranks of this Islamic group known for its hardliner religious approach, affinity for sharia law, and support for terrorism.

Many, including myself, warned of hostile take-over by the Islamists in which the democratic process will be hijacked by the Islamist groups and a different direction will be taken to enforce their agenda, regardless of how the majority people of Egypt felt.

This month, President Morsi fulfilled this expected prophecy by giving himself an almost absolute power to rule the battered nation of Egypt, hence assuming a similar dictatorship form as his predecessor Mubarak and as a result, taking Egypt and the new democratic process centuries backward. After all, Morsi’s decision is based on religious grounds which states that the Islamic ruler of a state is above the law.

It is without a doubt a very troubling development that will add insult to injuries. The Egyptian people have been imprisoned by a civic dictatorship for many years, however, at that time they had a voice to were able to express their thoughts openly. Today, under an Islamic regime, they dare not express any thoughts or opinions against such regime out of fear of reprisal by the so called Islamic government which uses its Quran and the teachings of its prophet as the ultimate guide.

It may have appeared difficult for some time to topple a regime as Mubarak’s, yet it was doable. However, as a former radical Islamist myself, I can predict that it will take an act of god to remove the current Islamic regime that is on its way to turn this precious country; Egypt, into a pool of blood. That is the blood of its innocent people. In other words, the very very minority will be ruling the majority at any cost. This is the new Islamic democracy.

In light of all of this madness, one can only ask: How is Morsi working for you today?

To learn more about the Radical Islamic agenda, get a copy of our book “The Quran Dilemma” at


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The Israeli – Hamas Cease fire: winners & losers

Since last week the world has been celebrating a brokered cease fire deal between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The cease fire was the result of what appeared to be an imminent ground assault by the Israeli troops against the militant Islamic group Hamas.

The fighting which began few weeks earlier was the result of the constant missile firing by the militant group from the Gaza Strip against Israel. For years Hamas has been firing thousands if missiles onto Israel in an effort to instigate a fight. Supported by Iran, Hamas missile arsenal included long range missiles capable of reaching prominent cities as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Such non-stop assault was the reason for the Israeli retaliation against the terrorist group. However, one must ask: who are the winners and losers put of this deal.

The Winners:

Hamas – Without a doubt, Hamas came out of this victorious simply for forcing sovereign nations as The US, Egypt, and Israel to negotiate with them. Such notion gives Hamas the legitimacy they are seeking.

Iran – who emerges as yet another victorious party in this deal as well. Even though there were no direct negotiations with them, they were behind these attacks on Israel by way of providing missiles, smuggling them, and financing them. At the end of the day, the door remains open for them to continue their support of Hamas against Israel in the years to come.  The fact that Hamas remained intact pit of this conflict proves that the Iranian strategy is working.

Egypt’s Brotherhoods - Then there is the Egyptian ruling party the Muslim Brotherhood. In negotiating directly with Hamas on behalf of Israel and the US, the Muslim Brotherhood regime publicly acknowledges its close ties with the terrorist militants, Hamas. The cease fire pact is a real victory for the Muslim Brotherhoods whose desire for establishing an Islamic caliphate in the region is getting closer to becoming a reality by the day.

The Losers:

Israel - being forced to negotiate with a terrorist group whose motto is “we love death as much as the Jews love life” can be perceived by the terrorists as a sign of weakness, fear, or loss of alliance with the US who historically has been Israel’s number one ally.

The US – in orchestrating these negotiations between Israel and Hamas, the terrorists will view this position by the US as an acknowledgement by the US that Hamas is a legitimate group, that Israel will not receive the usual US backing, and that the US is a friend with the Muslim Brotherhoods.

The World Community – Even though, the whole world rejoice for saving the lives of innocent civilians on both sides, the direct results of all of these negotiations and the cease fire pact can only lead the terrorists to believe that they are superior and has the upper hand in the matter. Such troubling notion will result in furthering the terrorists’ agenda and will not guarantee any peace between them and the world community.

To learn more about the Radical Islamic agenda and their enmity against the Jews, you may get a copy of our book “The Quran Dilemma” at

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Why The Demise of Al-Qaeda is a Wishful Thinking?

Since the 9/11 attack Al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization behind the attack, has been under the global radar. Military retaliation operations were launched against them by the US troops and their allies. Progress to eliminate the group was on target proven by the assassination of two of their most prominent and influential leaders; Bin Laden himself in Pakistan, followed by Al-Awlaqi; the leader of AQAP in Yemen.

The call for celebration was on the rise since Al-Qaeda is seemingly on the demise. After all, how can they survive after the fall of their leaders and other operatives by the precision and might of the SEAL teams and the DRONE attacks.

However, despite all of this, and in the wake of the death of thousands of US soldiers in military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq which stemmed from the 9/11 attack by Al-Qaeda, recent reports indicate that Al-Qaeda remains healthy and resilient.

A report by Fox News ( shows that Al-Qaeda is re-emerging in smaller numbers in the eastern region of Afghanistan and are engaging in combat operations against the US troops and their allies.

What is even more disturbing is that Al-Qaeda’s influence pre 9/11 was confined to Afghanistan and the northwestern region of Pakistan. Today, and after a decade of fighting against them and apparent reduction in their number and power, Al-Qaeda’s influence spans throughout the Middle Eastern region with operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. Moreover, Al-Qaeda is gaining more influence in North Africa, specifically in newly revolutionized areas as Tunisia, even in Libya; proven by their assassination of the US ambassador in Benghazi.

Just this week, reports are surfacing of foiled plots by the Jordanian Security Forces against Al-Qaeda members who were attempting to commit suicide bombing operations; nicknamed as “9/11 the second” against Western diplomats, missions, and public facilities in Jordan (see

All of these recent developments concerning the returning influence of Al-Qaeda can only mean one thing: The demise of Al-Qaeda is a mere wishful thinking! The reason why Al-Qaeda or even Al-Qaeda imitators will always exist has nothing to do with a political ambition or social reformation, rather the issue is much deeper than these superficial ones. Al-Qaeda represents a religious ideology that has lasted for 14 centuries and is represented by communities; nations; empires; and other groups (as the Muslim Brotherhoods) and the likes. This religious ideology is called: Islamic Holy War. Such war is commanded by Islam’s holiest book “The Qur’an” and represented by verses as these:

Q 8:12
“I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

Q 9:29
“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya [head tax] with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

Q 9:38-39
“O ye who believe! what is the matter with you, that, when ye are asked to go forth in the cause of Allah, ye cling heavily to the earth? Do ye prefer the life of this world to the Hereafter? But little is the comfort of this life, as compared with the Hereafter. Unless ye go forth, He will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place.”

Q 9:123
“O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness.”

Q 61:4
“”Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way”

With violent passages as implicit as these, one can fairly say: Don’t blame Al-Qaeda, blame the Qur’an, the real Islamic dilemma.

For more on the Quran and its teachings on Jihad and violence, get a copy of our book “The Qur’an Dilemma” at


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The Benghazi Delimma – Why the radical Islamists are still winning

Since the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi during the 11th anniversary of 9/11, and many conflicting reports about the circumstances surrounding this troubling incident.

Initially the US administration reported that the reason for the attack was the riots caused by a low budget YouTube video about the prophet of Islam Muhammad. Soon after, the US ambassador to the UN, Suzan Rice, concluded that the attack, which resulted in the death if the US ambassador to Libya and three other Americans, was a spontaneous attack in reaction to the YouTube video. Then, in response to media criticism, the administration changed its tone regarding the attack by declaring it to be a pre-planned terrorist attack carried out by Radical (Islamists) associated with Al Qaeda. However, the timing was too late for this clarification, since by then almost every news outlet has declared it to be a terror attack based on intelligence information. In addition, the Libyan president also denounced the attack and labeled it as a terrorist one based on the information gathered by the Libyan government.

Questions began to rise as to what did the administration know regarding this attack and the level of security on the ground to protect the ambassador and staff!

As a result, the tone shifted from spontaneous attack to a pre-planned one. Yet answers about the level of security remained obscured. At least, until Congress launched its house investigation on the matter and testimony under oath by Embassy security personal showed that the US State Dept. denied requests to beef up security at the Embassies in Libya despite reports of threats against the US ambassador.

During the 2012 VP debate, Vice President Biden indicated that the administration acted based on intelligence reports as they were being shared with them and made it clear that the administration was not told by the US Dept. there was an urgent need to beef up security.

All of this reveals a very sad reality. Either the US intelligence community is in a state of chaos, or the State Department and the Administration are not communicating well with one another. Either way, this is very troubling for various reasons:

• it sends the wrong message to the American people regarding the reliability of their national security.
• it also sends a chilling message to our US staff abroad that the US government is unable to protect them.
• it tells the radicals that the US is not prepared to defend its foreign establishments. A welcoming invitation to the terrorists to launch more deadly attacks.
• it also sends an indirect message to the radical Islamists that the US is not willing to denounce them or their ideology, at least, not immediately. Rather, a cover up is being constructed to avoid taking such direction.

All of these observations and more can only mean one hung to the radicals: they are winning big. Such reality can fuel their desires even more to launch other attacks, seeing that nothing will be done to them, at least not right away.

This is a serious national security dilemma that must be dealt with immediately and reversed by taking necessary actions against these radical Islamist killers to show them and the world that the US remains a powerful nation and no one can mess with the US and its people. Until such clear message is sent, more trouble can be expected.

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Why Upcoming Presidential Debates Must Focus On the Dilemma of Radical Islam

In October 4th, 2012 the first presidential debate had its debut, as the first of three upcoming debates, in what is expected to be one of the most watched presidential debates in the history of the US.

Many important issues were discussed, ranging anywhere from taxes to deficit, spending cuts to creating more jobs, and Medicare to Obama care. Yet one major and very serious issue was noticeably missing; National security.

The issue is very pivotal especially in light of the most recent developments in the Middle East and Libya in particular. It may come as a surprise to many that radical Islamists are watching these debates and have a vested interest in knowing the agenda of either candidate when it comes to dealing with them. What is being proposed against them?  What should they anticipate to deal with in the next four years?

These questions may not appear as important to many since these debates should focus on internal problems with the economy at the helm of such issues. However, one can argue that Radical Islam is as equally important to deal with as does the economy for many reasons.

For starter, radical Islam has been on the rise in the last decade and had many accomplishments that countered the war against it. One of those achievements had to do with the ability of radical Islamists to fill the power vacuum created by the so-called Arab Spring, where organized groups as the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda are taking full advantage of these gaps and rising to power.

Other noticeable achievements include the rise of terror activities against the US in Afghanistan at the hands of Afghani soldiers who are being trained by the US military. A clear sign by the radicals of rejecting the US presence in their country. It is also an attempt on their part to flux their muscles in the area, in light of the recent announcement by the US to gradually withdraw its forces from Afghanistan. To the radical Islamists, such withdrawal can only mean one thing, THEY WON the war against the US just as they won it in the past against the Soviets.

The Benghazi attack against the US consulate and the killing of the US ambassador serves as another sign of rejection against the US and exposes the state of weakness, at least in the mind of radical Islamists, in terms of the ability of existing US security to protect their diplomats. Such failure boosts the psychological mindset of radical Islamists against the US as their arch enemy.

The return of the Taliban to Afghanistan hallmarked by their many recent attacks against US soldiers and Afghani people sympathetic to western societies. Such actions are so alarming and lead the radicals to believe that the US mission in Afghanistan which lasted for a decade had failed.

Al-Qaeda is regrouping and organizing its efforts in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. In doing so, they are clearly taking full advantage of the noticeable lack of presence and the lack of interest by the US to engage them at a heavier level than the drone attacks.

These signs and more can only mean one thing to the radical Islamists, the US today is no longer the International Power it used to be. Such a thought can be devastating to many who share our interest and long for freedom in the region, since it means radicals will rule them without any noticeable opposition.

Our hope is that the upcoming presidential debates will devote a major part of the debate on the issue of the golbal rise of radical Islam, and any serious US efforts to stop it. Any lack of such mention will only reinforce the Radicals’ agenda against the US. For if one is to judge the progress of war on terror in the past few years, one will quickly realize that so far the radicals have won the war at the price of precious military men and women in uniform and the price of freedom.

The dilemma of radical Islam will without a doubt have a national impact NOW just as it had an international one in the past few years, and more specifically, the past few weeks in the wake of the YouTube movie about Muhammad.

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The International Dilemma of Radical Islam – Why Romney’s Foreign Policy Vision is Necessary

As a former radical Muslim I am witnessing developments in the Middle East and globally that are very alarming and disturbing to say the least. Radical Islamists perceive a trend of weakness on the US part that is fueling their endless efforts to dominate and to establish their presence.

Up until 9/11, the US was always viewed as a world power that which is not only capable of defending itself, but also others at a global level. Indeed, the attacks on Al-Qaeda and its terror organizations in Afghanistan and worldwide ever sense was an indication of such power and capability.

Radical Islamists, the most noticeable enemy to the US, have been monitoring the US actions and reactions since that time in hope of uncovering hidden signs of ailments, and in search for means to gain access into the formidable structure of National Security.

Unfortunately, for the past few years, the US began to show completely different signs to the rest of the world in general and to Radical Islamists in particular regarding its stance against terrorism. A tone that is marred with
images of weakness, lack of interest in Middle East regional conflicts, shift in foreign policies and alliances, reduction in armed forces presence and capabilities, and most importantly willingness to work with the radicals at
multiple levels.

In his speech at VMI, Presidential candidate Romney laid out a plan to reform the current US foreign policy and its handling of terrorism in the Middle East. Mr. Romney pointed out that the attack in Benghazi which resulted in the killing of the US ambassador Stevens and few others  was the work of the same group responsible for the 9/11 attack, something that was very evident to the world, and Radical Islamists did not even hide. Yet, the US response to the attack was completely a different reaction from what the Islamists are used to. Instead of launching a swift attack on those responsible; as the Radical Islamists expected based on past history, the US was taking an approach of reasonable apology citing a short YouTube clip on Muhammad as the core cause for the organized attack. Such
public statements by various US officials did not solve the problem, rather caused the violence to escalate in the region for a very simple reason; THE RADICAL ISLAMISTS PERCEIVED THAT THE US IS WEAK AND INCAPABLE OF HARMING THEM ANYMORE.

Mr. Romney also discussed the current situation in Iran with regards to their threat of a nuclear capability that will negatively impact the region. Once again, he cited the weak response by the US towards such Iranian aggression, especially when the Iranian government is not hiding its chief evil purpose for building their nuclear power, that is the destruction of Israel and shifting regional domination. In the past Iran would have received a powerful rebuke and some from the US, yet today all Iran is receiving thus far is a slab on the wrest. Such reaction can only mean one thing to the Iranian regime, THE US IS WEAK AND INCAPABLE OF STOPPING THEM ANYMORE.

Mr. Romney then proceeded to discuss the current developments in Afghanistan and Iraq where Al-Qaeda is making a very strong comeback against the US and its allies. To the radical, this is clearly a sign of failed US foreign policies in these areas and a signal of weakness. Such developments can only mean that THE US IS NO LONGER INTERESTED IN DEFENDING THE INTEREST AND FREEDOM OF THE PEOPLE OF IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN.

What about Syria? Mr. Romney made a convincing argument that the people of Syria who are being killed by their own tyrant regime are watching how the US picks and chooses whom they can help and whom they can’t in the region. The results of this devastating attitude by the US is that the people of Syria are going to turn to other regional powers for help, such powers may not share the same visions the US have in regards to freedom and democracy. But most importantly, the US stance is sending the wrong signal to the powers of darkness in the region that THE US IS NO LONGER CAPABLE OF DEFENDING FREEDOM. Such perception has caused Al-Qaeda to strengthen its positions in Yemen, Libya, Sinai, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Syria, since they are under the impression that the US will not be able to do anything and those areas are acting as their breeding grounds to achieve their future goal of a united Islamic state ruled under Sharia. Case in point, the recent developments in the Egyptian election clearly points in that direction.

Finally, the recent cold shoulder approach taken by the US with Israel is sending a very serious signal to radical Islamists that a shift in US regional policies is taken place to please them in HOPE that such shift will bring about a sense of cooperation between the US and the radicals.

Unfortunately, such approach is actually sending the wrong message that THE US IS NO LONGER INTERESTD IN DEFENDING ISRAEL’s interest in the region, hence, it is perfectly acceptable for the radicals to attack Israel, not to mention how Iran may view that as well.

Mr. Romney’s proposal to reform the US foreign policies by exhibiting confidence in the US cause, clarity in its purpose, and resolution in its mind towards these serious regional issues that have carried a negative impact on
the US national security in recent years, is without a doubt the only way radical Islamists can be stopped and reduced, and for the region to look up to the US once again as the power it once was. Unless such reformation takes place SOON, the world will continue to experience a major shift in global powers where radical Islamists are at the center of it all.

Such global dilemma must be dealt with NOW. BACK TO BASICS.

For more on what Radical Islam ascribes to, read our book “The Quran Dilemma”. Visit

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The Sharia Brief – Why the video about Muhammad a success for sharia

The term sharia has become a household name not only in Islamic countries, but even in Europe, and recently the US.

Sharia in its general term means “the path of life” or “The path to complete submission to Allah”.

One of the primary objectives of sharia is to ensure the superiority of Islam and its mandates, not only in Islamic states, but also among Islamic communities, no matter where they are in the world.

For a very long time radical Muslims, who follow the literal interpretation of the Quran; the Muslims Holy Book, aspired to flex their muscles in the face of their arch-enemies, who included the US and the entire Western civilization.

Their dream is to show the world in general and the West in particular, that Islam and its laws trump any democratic rights. The 11th anniversary of 9/11 was the pinnacle for making this dream become a reality.

Using a very short YouTube video on Muhammad, that majority of Muslims haven’t seen, as the excuse to making Islamic law rule supreme. With riots across the globe by Muslims, and killings of innocent people including the US ambassador in Libya, the Radicals scored a major success points at many levels:

- They forced the western world to bow down to their demands by blocking the video
- They forced multiple apologies from high ranking US officials
- They proved to the US and the West that the loyalties of their Islamic regimes are to sharia and not to foreign relations
- They forced the US officials to intervene with the work of free enterprises as YouTube
- They forced the arrest of the supposed movie maker/producer

The above observations should serve as a sobering reminder to the US and Western society that Islam and its religious law will oppress you and suppress you and will rule over you. It is just a matter of time before this dream becomes a nightmare to those who are asleep.

One thing we know for sure: it happened already!

To learn more about the teaching of the Quran and Sharia, visit us at


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